In the spirit of busting myths and dispelling misconceptions, we want to give you the straight up facts about Women You Should Know (founded in 2011). So here’s what goes into and comes out of our hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment:

1. We create original and insightful content for our editorial site by spending countless hours researching, interviewing, and writing

2. We direct and produce documentary shorts

3. We amplify women’s voices… “Without them, my voice never would have reached the millions of people it has reached, and my work to end domestic violence homicide never would have raised the money it has raised.” – Lori Day

4. We provide a home for Dale DeBakcsy’s weekly ‘Illustrated Women in Science’ column… “I don’t know where I would be able to tell these stories without them.”

5. We’ve proudly helped launch historic campaigns, including Women On 20s and Monumental Women

6. We empower girls… “You have taught me a lot. It has made me a strong feminist and has made me much more aware of what’s going on in the world.” – Lola, age 11

7. We curate content for our 4 social pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

8. We work with educators, including the Women’s Entrepreneurship program at the Zahn Innovation Center, City College of New York

9. We host events that bring our mission to life, the largest of which is our annual Fearless Fest

10. We run a stellar sister platform – Women You Should Fund – that helps women launch ideas, businesses, and ventures; in her first 12 months live, the women who ran campaigns with WYSF collectively raised nearly a quarter million dollars for their respective projects

11. We produce marketplaces that are designed to spotlight small businesses founded and run by women

12. We mentor and make connections for women through the vast network we’ve cultivated

13. We design goods intended to inspire – our “Feminism At Work” art, (em)POWER Laces, Ts (new collection coming soon)

14. We lead a supportive community that extends from the digital world to real life

And that just scratches the surface!


15. We are currently fighting for our organization’s life. Women You Should Know can no longer survive without outside funding. If you come to Women You Should Know to learn and think, engage and delight, be moved and inspired, please consider supporting us. Every dollar contributed will help sustain our mission so we can keep giving women the coverage they deserve and providing you with the content, events, and programming you love into the coming year and beyond. Support WYSK Now.