We pretty much love anything that highlights women’s contributions, particularly when it includes women in history, who overcame overwhelming obstacles to only have their hard-earned achievements often marginalized or erased altogether. So when a WYSK reader sent us this impressive “Women Who Shaped American History” wall chart, depicting approximately 155 of the most influential women throughout American history, we just had to share!

The chart, which is designed by Christopher Seepe and published by Synchronopedia, chronicles women in American history from 1580 to present and includes scientists, artists, entertainers, humanitarians, adventurers, civil rights leaders, and more.

According to the Synchronopedia website, the women who are included in the final chart were selected exclusively for their contributions, which were weighted according to their impact on American history and/or the scope of the challenges they had to overcome.

Partial close-up of the top-left corner of the chart.

Partial close-up of the top-left corner of the chart.

“We have chosen influential rather than famous as one criterion. The second criterion is that the nature of the influence should have impact on the then-known national or international views, positions, or status quo. For example, Lauren Bacall might be considered world-famous, but her fame and accomplishments might arguably not have the same impact as those of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Kay Ash, Eleanor Roosevelt or Madame Sarah Breedlove Walker. A ‘de-selection’ criterion has also been included. Generally, we excluded women in entertainment (not literature) unless they have made a world-impacting contribution beyond their status as a star.”

The creators also added this caveat… “The authors acknowledge that this project will never satisfy everyone. The list is based on extensive opinion polling and pedagogical research.”

Features of the chart include: individual biographies accompanied by a portrait/photo or other relevant image; a timeline of World and American history epochs; 200 of the most significant events in American history to provide an historical context for each biography, among many other details.

Each biography encapsulates the contributions of each woman and includes her birth name, popular name, birth and death dates, state flag as well as professional category, which is color coded for ease.

The impressive reference measures 40” x 28” and is printed on high-quality 100lb bright white gloss paper laminated, and is $19.95. For an up-close look, check it out here.