Kaanchi Chopra, a 17 year old from Delhi, India is passionate about art and activism. She combines the two on her blog All About Art to bring attention to topics such as women’s empowerment, acid attacks, color discrimination, body positivity, poverty, and other social issues.

In a message to WYSK, Kaanchi explained that art is the way she expresses her thoughts and that it has opened up her mind, and made her more socially aware and sensitive. “I am an ardent feminist and am often inspired by issues that affect women. It’s my mission to use my art to make an impact and encourage others to use their talents and abilities to raise awareness and stand up for change.”

Here are a few of Kaanchi’s recent pieces:

Periodic Table of 90 Global Issues


(click image to enlarge) Chemistry in Everyday Life. Unit 16. Part 2. Chemistry Class 12. As I flipped through the pages of this chapter trying to decipher the meaning of the title, a flashback to Grade 10 suddenly reminded me of the Periodic Table. How we used to make numerous mnemonics to memorize the Alkali metals, Alkaline Earth metals, Halogens, Noble gases and Transitional metals. In this entire rote learning process, I found something different and probably something as meaningful as those elements. I realized that each and every symbol of the elements in the Periodic Table was an acronym of a global issue. It could be expanded to form a word which represented one of humanity’s worst vices. A few words in this table also represent the various movements and social issues which have gained a lot of attention in the recent times. That was when I decided to make a periodic table of 90 global issues.

Acid Attack


Most survivors of this heinous crime experience a dramatic change in their lifestyle and face social isolation that damages their self-esteem and economic position. The trauma stems from excruciating pain and unbearable shock compounded by social rejection even by their own family members.

This is a series of illustrations with the sole purpose of changing the mindset of how the general public looks at acid attack survivors and even how the victims look at themselves. In my opinion, scars and bruises on the bodies of the survivors should not be a sight of pity. These marks should be considered beautiful. Victims should not feel insecure about their appearance, but should sense a feeling of pride because they were strong enough to survive the inhumane incident.

Colour Discrimination


I’ve grown up dark-skinned in a colour-conscious land and like many others, I’ve have often faced colour discrimination. I made this drawing on the occasion of United Nation’s Zero Discrimination Day to spread and support diversity, tolerance and inclusion.

You can find more of Kaanchi’s impressive work here.