Meet Carrah Aldridge, a 19-year-old, self-taught artist from Ohio. A year and a half ago, she received a glowing comment about one of her drawings on Instagram. “I like your style,” said the total stranger. Carrah was completely blown away once she realized the identity of her new fan… it was beloved artist and Instagram sensation Kristina Webb. In turn, as a nod to one of Kristina’s projects, Carrah decided to try her hand at transforming ordinary Starbucks cups into art. Using her own artistic spin, the results this non-coffee drinker achieved are truly extraordinary.

“I hate coffee, mocha, etc. etc. I don’t drink Starbucks at all,” explains Carrah. As a workaround, she’s had to rely on an actual coffee drinker for her medium – paper cup canvases. “My mom just brings me a cup to decorate, whenever she goes.”

Upcycled cup in hand, Carrah creates and draws her elaborate and whimsical designs “using copic markers, sharpies and a white gellpen.” A total of 7 stunning pieces later, she’s now got herself a bona fide Cup Art collection.

“I love creating. Art is never a waste of time, to me.”

And Carrah, who is currently studying Earth & Environmental Sciences, did most of the intricate work during downtime on her job. “I was a phone rep, so there was really nothing better to do,” she commented on Imgur. “If you ever get a job where you just take phone calls all day, just start doodling and you can do stuff like this.”

So the big question is… has Starbucks taken note of Carrah’s talent and acknowledged the artistic upgrade she’s given their iconic Siren? Apparently not. “I tried tweeting, emailing and more… they ignore me and have even removed my posts from their Facebook page.” But she says something rather curious did happen following her efforts to get on their radar. “I had word that Starbucks had a design, similar to mine, a few months after I emailed images of my work to the CEO.” Hhhmmm… let’s hope that’s just a crazy coincidence because the alternative would be so, so, so wrong.

Check out Carrah’s awesome Cup Art below, and see all her other work on her Instagram page @creative_carrah.