Nineteen year old Kristina Webb say’s that she is “just a Kiwi teenager with a passion for drawing,” but based on her outstanding art and success, that’s a serious understatement.

Kristina, one of the most followed artists on Instagram, grew up in New Zealand, Vanuatu and Australia, and now lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her colorful upbringing has contributed to her original style and approach to art, which has been her passion ever since she was taught to hold a pencil in her hand.

Known best for her stunning, hyper-realistic drawings on paper, Kristina also finds inspiration three dimensional objects like flowers, lettuce, and even spaghetti. The one thing all of her art has in common is the positive messages she shares; Kristina is as passionate about spreading kindness as she is about drawing.




Last month, Kristina published her first book, Color Me Creative, which gives her millions of fans a chance to learn more about the online sensation, and takes readers on their own journey of creativity through art-inspired challenges designed by Kristina herself.

Having drawn for companies, celebrities and the like, Kristina’s real mission is to share her art with the world and inspire others to unlock their imaginations. Mission accomplished!

Here are a few of our favorite drawings, check out more on Kristina’s Instagram.