In 1971, this ad from cigarette brand Virginia Slims told women they were superior to men. That’s right… superior. And how did they go about selling said superiority? With a list of 20 biological ‘advantages,’ which range from the obscure to the downright laughable, unless, of course, you actually believe that a lesser inclination to “defective tooth enamel” gives our gender some sort of edge. So have a chuckle and know that yes, we have “come a long way, baby,” when the fight for true equality holds far more weight than manufactured superiority.

Taken straight from the actual ad copy:

“Women are more resistant to…

1. starvation

2. fatigue

3. exposure

4. shock

5. and illness than men are.”

virginia slims

“They are also less inclined than men to…

6. congenital baldness

7. Albinism of the eyes

8. improperly developed sweat glands

9. color blindness of the red-green type

10. day-blindness

11. defective hair follicles

12. defective iris

13. defective tooth enamel

14. double eyelashes

15. skin cysts

16. shortsightedness

17. night blindness

18. nomadism

19. retinal detachment

20. and white occipital locks of hair.”

WOW… lucky us… on ZERO counts!