Meet Holly Dowling… global speaker, thought leader, author, women’s leadership advocate, personality powerhouse, and a woman we are so honored to know. Through her signature nuggets of wisdom, a.k.a. her Hollyisms, she inspires and energizes women to empower themselves. So as we head into a new week filled with possibilities and opportunities, she wants all of us to know “how to own our voice, how to know who we are, and then bring it to the world without feeling guilty.” These are Holly’s 3 pillars of power… in 3 minutes.

“When you can say no to those places that will not leverage the best of you, you can say yes and bring your best to the world.”

What Else You Should Know About Holly Dowling

For the last 20 years, Holly Dowling has been inspiring women all over the world to dream big, to use their voices, to tap into their inner strength and courage, to stand up for what they stand for, to take action, to define success on their own terms, and to “live life with a passion”.

As an expert in strengths-based leadership, change management, and corporate women’s empowerment, Holly designs and delivers customized keynotes and interactive learning experiences for Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Facebook, Gap, The Home Depot, Microsoft, Disney, ESPN). Her unique approach has led managers to become stronger leaders, individual contributors to achieve higher levels of performance, and companies to discover new opportunities for success.

She is also a proud member of the Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (#EBW2020) movement, where she works with the United Nations Foundation to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and women around the world.

Holly Dowling

The bottom line… Holly Dowling is an inspirational badass with a gift for engaging and energizing women to be their best selves, professionally and personally.

Connect with Holly on her site, Twitter and Facebook. Also be sure to check out her podcast, A Celebration of You, where Holly speaks with guests (like our co-founder Jen Jones – episode 56) about their journeys and their wisdom in facing adversity and gaining profound strength and courage.