“A girl can be anything she wants to be, including a Police Officer.” That’s what the Massachusetts State Police wrote on their Facebook page last week as the lead to a post recounting what two awesome South Boston Troopers did after hearing about a 3-year-old girl who had her dreams of being a “Police K-9 Girl” dashed by other girls in her class.

Their Facebook post continued…

3-year-old Cosette chose what she calls a “Massachusetts Police K-9 Girl” as her dress up costume for her library group gathering. The girls group had been instructed to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up. Many of the girls came dressed as Disney princesses and they singled out their classmate as not being as cool as them.

Upon hearing of this, Trooper Tronca and Trooper McLaughlin of the State Police Barracks in South Boston, paid a visit to this heartbroken little girl and spent time telling her and the other children at her school that girls can be police officers. Her classmates were very receptive and long discussions about Ninja Turtles, Captain America and their important craft projects followed.

In a comment on the MSP post, Cosette’s mom McKenzie, who is the Executive Director at The Fallen K9 Foundation, a non-profit that provides PTSD/TBI service animals in memory of fallen K-9s and military working dogs, said of what the Troopers did for her daughter, “They made her whole year!!!!”


Cosette and her trusty K-9 on patrol, in action. Her zeal for being exactly who and what she wants to be has made our whole year!!!!


All photos via Massachusetts State Police Facebook