Move over Nigella Lawson there’s a new chef in town. Meet Ava, a 3-year-old going on 20 teaching us how to laugh and cook at the same time. We cannot get enough of her new weekly series Cooking with Ava where she’s already covered making scrambled eggs and strawberry cupcakes.

With a no-nonsense attitude and unique cooking skills, she’s sure to set the culinary world on fire… we’re not kidding!

“Even if you are a pwofeshional chef, I might teach you something new, that only a 3-year-old could do,” Ava explains. “Each week I’ll post a new wecipe, so stay tuned.”

You bet we will!

In episode 2 Ava learned from her previous mistake and shares a pretty cool hack for making sure eggshells don’t end up in the batter.