Jewelry designer and goldsmith Ola Shekhtman learned her craft as a student living in St. Petersburg, Russia. Then, after relocating to the U.S. and completing a 3D modeling course in New York City, she added another skill to her arsenal, which inspired her to combine her love of travel and architecture with her designs. The result… an awesome collection of 3D modeled rings that make iconic Cityscapes from around the world, wearable.

ola at deskAs a goldsmith, Ola has always crafted her jewelry pieces the old-fashioned way – melting metal, rolling, sawing, soldering and polishing by hand. That was until she discovered 3D modeling, which completely changed the way she approaches her current work. “This new technology gives me full freedom in creation, and I am able to turn absolutely everything I dream, into a Thing.”

Her growing Cityscape collection features popular monuments and landmarks of nearly 30 major cities around the world detailed around band rings. Prices start at $99, and go up from there, depending on the material (platinum, sterling silver, yellow, white and rose gold).

Check out all of the Cityscape rings (backless studs and pendants) at Ola’s shekhtwoman site.

all images credit to: @shekhtwoman

ola rome ring

ola london ring

ola city ring

ola city ring black and white

ola stack of city rings