Meet 4-year-old Jaxon. He’s a HUGE Wonder Woman fan. So in anticipation of a superhero dress-up day at a local theme park on Australia’s Gold Coast where he and his family live, there was no question as to whom he’d be. But what to wear? Jaxon had already worn through his store-bought Wonder Woman dress and wanted to step up his costume game. That’s when his super heroic Grandma, Angela Simpson, swooped in to the rescue. Armed with her fierce cosplay costume-making skills, she set out to craft her Wonder Woman-loving grandson “something really cool” to wear. And “Great Hera!” did she ever deliver.

Wonder Woman first caught Jaxon’s eye when he saw her DC Superhero Girls doll in the toy store. Angela, an artist, writer and game reviewer, who also happens to be one of our kickass WYSK readers, told us in an email, “He loved it, so we bought it for him.” A superfan was born.

So what does he love about her? Here’s what Jaxon shared with us, via his Grandma (and this is verbatim), “I love Wonder Woman because I love her shield. I love her sword. And her shoes. I like that she tries to get the bad guys burnt (???). I like her headband because it’s cool.”

handmade Wonder Woman costumeHearing that (and seeing this… look at those two), it’s easy to understand why Angela very willingly summoned her crafting superpowers when Jaxon asked her to make him a Wonder Woman costume. Her primary goal was to make it super cool, but she also wanted it to be a “little less girly” than the store-bought dress he had. “Not that I care mind you, but other people do tend to say things like ‘What a gorgeous girl!’ and he gets confused, replying ‘I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.'” The very same happened when Jaxon dressed as another one of his favorite characters, Elsa from Frozen, for a movie screening. “So I’m sort of wary of it now, for his comfort, not mine.”

Working on Jaxon’s Wonder Woman costume part-time, without a pattern and making the design up as she went along, it took Angela “a of couple weeks” to complete her EVA foam masterpiece, inclusive of the headband, shield, cuffs, boots, sword and scabbard. Each detail-rich piece is fitting of the Amazon Warrior, herself.

The time and effort Angela put in to this labor of love were certainly well spent because when she gave the costume to her grandson, his reaction was priceless. “Jaxon ran around the house with it on yelling ‘I’m Wonder Woman!'” The proud grandma added, “He was very happy, it was adorable.”

handmade Wonder Woman costume

Having just turned 4, Jaxon has not yet seen the Wonder Woman movie, but watches the trailers over and over and over again. His family is understandably hesitant to take him “given some of the scenes.” Angela, who saw the film on opening day and loved it, said, “It’s an ongoing discussion because he has asked to see it, so we’ll see. We can always cover his eyes at any super violent bits I guess.”

And in case you were wondering how dress-up day at the theme park went… Jaxon, fully decked out in his handmade Wonder Woman regalia, got to meet his hero. That big, beautiful, ear-to-ear smile says all that needs to be said.

handmade Wonder Woman costume

The moral of this story is twofold: let kids be kids and… boys need Wonder Woman as much as us girls do.