On December 29, 2013 Bing, the search engine powered by Microsoft, published a 1 minute year-in-review video called Celebrating  the Heroic Women of 2013. They included 10 courageous women who changed the world by speaking out, standing up, leading, persevering and fighting their way through adversity and challenge. To see it is to be instantly captivated, inspired, and overwhelmed with emotion.

It goes without saying that this is right up our WYSKy alley. But here are 5 reasons we REALLY LOVE the Microsoft Bing Heroic Women of 2013 video:

1. It celebrates relatable, everyday women across the country and globe who are making things happen in their world; women who have outperformed, innovated, discovered, defied and soared. (sound familiar?)

2. Their goal was to inspire others by sharing these women’s stories. (sound familiar?)

3. Of the 10 women featured, 3 are some of our favorite Women You Should Know whose inspiring stories we had the privilege to tell in 2013… Malala Yousafzai, Diana Nyad, and Deb Cohan.

4. While some of the women you may already know, there is not a single “celebrity” in sight.

5. It is set to a very special song, Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”, which is the very same song we elected as our unofficial WYSKy anthem of 2013.

Honestly Microsoft, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So please know that we are incredibly flattered that your truly AWESOME “Heroic Women of 2013” video so closely mirrors what we do EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In case you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Turn up the volume and prepare to be inspired.