By Tanea Smith – I could not be happier that January is out of the way! I call it the Restoration Month. I don’t know about you, but it takes me a full 31 days to completely dry out from holiday overload. By the end of December we’ve had too much to eat, spent too much on useless gifts and waited way too long to return things that we knew for a fact were completely unnecessary the moment we tore off the wrapping paper.

Answer this honestly, did your Aunt really think you needed another cast iron pot set?? I know, I know it’s the thought that counts!

Personally, February is when I really kick in. As Joel Osteen says, my mind is alert, my heart is receptive and if I play my cards right I’ll never be the same. Okay, well, I put the part in about the cards, but you get where I’m going, right?

As luck would have it February is Plant The Seeds of Greatness month.

Since I love a quirky holiday as much as the next girl let’s just think of this as a mental gardening exercise, shall we? And here are some tools that I think we’re going to need:

1) Define greatness

As my blues ain’t your blues and her success is not yours, you must ask yourself what greatness looks like for you? Is it peace of mind, is it getting fit, is it completing the first draft of the first chapter of the novel you’ve dreamed of writing?

2) Put pen to paper

I’m a firm believer in writing things down and making a solid plan. No, not to be confused with your ipad or desktop, but actual paper and ink. There is so much power in writing down a goal. What do you need to do to achieve peace? Is it changing jobs, your living room drapes, or  starting to paying down that pesky credit card a little at a time?

3) Keep your eyes on your own paper

Sure your best friend Bernadette went back to school and earned a degree while raising 2 children with perfect teeth, keeping her pet poodle impeccably groomed, her husband happy plus baking pies from scratch every Sunday. Well, good for Bernadette! That’s her story. Now get back to writing yours.

4) Embrace the struggle

Nothing worth having comes easily. Mediocrity will never keep you up nights, but greatness is going to test your mettle for sure. When I started She’s Got Papers I was working a full time job, raising a 13 year old son and an infant daughter, but knew I wanted to create something great. Building my business has not been without stress or strife, but I would not trade the experience for the world.

5) Be open to receive

My grandfather used to say “a closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” You’ve got to believe that you can make the changes necessary in order to achieve greatness in your life. That belief has to start in your mind. I think you can rock it, what do YOU think?

Happy Planting!

About the contributor

Tanea-SmithTanea Smith is the Founder of She’s Got Papers, a growing stationery empire she launched against all odds. Designed to counter the increasingly impersonal nature of our tech-obsessed world, Tanea’s collection celebrates the magic of putting pen to paper, while honoring the classic art of etiquette with modern wit and sophistication.

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