Devin Rubink – This month marks the 50-year anniversary of the comic book debut of Barbara Gordon, the definitive Batgirl. As one of the main female heroes in the DC Comics universe, she first appeared in the January 1967 issue of Detective Comics. Since then, Gordon has made several different appearances including the 1960s television show, several series of comics, the 1997 film Batman and Robin and, most recently, in DC’s animated film based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel, The Killing Joke, from the 1980s. She even remains popular among young girls today thanks to the DC Superhero Girls web series.

Although Gordon is the main Batgirl, there have been other versions of the character over time. In fact, the original “Bat-Girl”, Betty Kane, debuted 5 years prior to Barbara Gordon’s first appearance. If you want to see the other characters who have donned the Batgirl costume, or any of Barbara Gordon’s other main appearances, check out the infographic below and let us know what your favorite is!

batgirl's costume evolution

batgirl's costume

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