We have never been shy about our LOVE of Wonder Woman… the comic, the hit 70s TV show, the iconic heroine, the Amazonian warrior, other WW-inspired stuff (e.g. the 2016 Barbiea hilarious comic, empowering art, leather jacket, Converse All Stars, Mrs. Potato Head, etc.). So we decided to pop over to Lynda Carter’s official Facebook page to see what the woman who is synonymous with “Wonder Woman” was up to these days.

“Great Hera!” We stumbled onto an uber cool treasure trove of countless awesome Wonder Woman things Lynda has posted or shared by way of people who have sent them to her. Here are 6 of our favorites and what Lynda had to say about each.


Wonder Woman Tee

“Safest community ever!!”

Wonder Woman Street SignPS – We declare it the coolest street sign, only second to THIS most awesome one.

“Never happened!!”

Wonder Woman Dizzy

cartoon by Adam Koford a.k.a. ApeLad

“Love these little superheroes!”

Wonder Woman babyVia Erin Morris Photography. Handmade Crochet Baby Superman Cape & Mask by Lilianda.

“Ready for the weekend? xo”

blule_Wonder Woman

This incredible watercolor is the work of Clémentine Campardou, a French illustrator and designer living in Sydney, Australia. It’s one of many Wonder Woman pieces she sells under her Blule brand.

“Friends forever!”


Lindsay Wagner (a.k.a The Bionic Woman) and Lynda Carter (a.k.a. Wonder Woman) in the 70s and in May 2014. Still friends, still kicking ass!!