Illustrator Genevieve Womack comes from a family of scientists. In fact, she considered going to medical school, but decided to pursue her passion for drawing and telling stories… and boy are we glad she did!

Her most recent piece, 7 Badass Women of Computer Engineering, combines the artist’s love of science with her amazing illustrative skills.

“I’ve made it part of my artistic mission to encourage girls to be interested in STEM fields, and showcase women scientists, who I feel don’t get enough recognition in mainstream media,” Genevieve told WYSK in an interview. “I strongly believe that society functions best when women and men are given the same opportunities, and that women have a lot to offer in terms of innovation.”

Signed prints of 7 Badass Women of Computer Engineering are $35 and are available here. This illustration is the first in a series that that Genevieve is working on, which will include more badass women pioneers in different fields. You can get updates by following her on Facebook.