One day, 4-year-old Kiowa Kavovit looked down at her knee, where there was a Band-Aid, and said to her father, “Daddy what if I had skin that I could paint on?” It was that simple question that led Kiowa, with the help of her dad, to invent Boo Boo Goo, an all natural, waterproof skin protectant that paints on a bandage, in fun colors for kids, turning “a boo boo into a ha ha.”

Kiowa’s dad, Andrew Kavovit, an inventor and actor, helped Kiowa connect with investors and scientists. “It’s my hope that my children grow up thinking outside the box when it comes to careers. It will just give them more freedom in their lives later,” Andrew has said about his daughter’s invention.

shark tank

Over several years, Kiowa and her dad worked with chemists until they came up with the final formula, which “stings only as much as water would.”

Today, Kiowa is 7, and on March 14, she made history as the youngest inventor to land on ABC’s Shark Tank (she was 6 when they taped the show). Along with the support of her Dad, Kiowa wowed the judges and scored $100,000 in financing.

In the few weeks since her appearance on Shark Tank, Kiowa and Boo Boo Goo have gained the interest from multiple major licensing partners and will be in stores near you very soon.

“It’s time kids think differently about the world and I’m starting by cleaning up one boo boo at a time,” said Kiowa Kavovit.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for this WYSKette!

Check out Kiowa’s delightful video…