Here we go again… it seems as though every time a new blockbuster movie comes out that features kickass female heroines, the companies releasing the branded merchandise exclude the women from the toy aisle. We saw it with Black Widow when Avengers: Age of Ultron was released, and now Rey from Star Wars has been left out of the game.

And 8-year-old Annie Rose is not having it! After learning that the newest version of Star Wars Monopoly doesn’t include a Rey game token, Annie Rose wrote a letter to Hasbro asking, “How can you leave out Rey?”

After this tweet to Hasbro from Annie Rose’s mom Carrie, the company responded:

“The time has come to recognize the importance of female leading characters,” says Carrie. “In the future, we would love to see retailers embrace female characters as fully as they embrace male characters. After all, why wasn’t it considered a spoiler to include any of the other new *male* characters in SW Monopoly?”

The mother/daughter duo is urging Hasbro to release an “à la carte Rey token” for purchase to use in the Star Wars Monopoly game. With Annie Rose on the case, we have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about this very soon.

Stay tuned!