Meet Campbell Elise Jones. She’s 8 years old, in the third grade, and when she’s not playing with friends, she loves to draw and write. In fact, she carries a notebook and pencil with her at all times. The young wordsmith’s trusty tools recently came in handy when her dad Clave Jones, Editor-In-Chief of Nerds on Earth , asked her to write a review of the DC Super Hero Girls books she’s been reading that he would publish on his site. What Campbell had to say about Wonder Woman at Super Hero High makes us want to read it… right now. Prepare to be inspired.

“I like it because all the characters are ceragese [courageous] and strong. I like it also because they inspire me to be a Hero in my one way and other things too (and they’re SUPER awesome).”

campbell jones wonder woman review

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High is one of the first two available titles in the DC Super Hero Girls books series, which is written by Lisa Yee for girls ages 8-12 (or women like us, of all ages). The second is Supergirl at Super Hero High with Batgirl at Super Hero High scheduled for release on January 3, 2017. More titles will soon follow, featuring other DC comics characters like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

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The DC Super Hero Girls, described as “a new Super Hero universe especially for girls,” reimagine the iconic female Super Heroes of the DC Comics universe as teenagers discovering their full super power potential, while they navigate all the twists and turns of high school. In addition to the book series, the Girls adventures are captured in everything from graphic novels and comics, to videos, action figs, interactive games, and more.

More About Nerds on Earth

Described as the “best place on earth for nerds,” Clave and his esteemed Nerds on Earth team write about comic books, Star Wars, D&D, games, superheroes, review science fiction books, and more. He tells us, “It started as a means for long time nerdy friends to use producing content as an excuse to stay in touch. We simply grew from there and aspire to keep the same camaraderie and enthusiasm we started with.”

Editor’s Note: Our special thanks to Clave and Campbell for allowing us to share her awesome review. She inspired us with her words and has an open invitation to write for Women You Should Know any time she likes. (pictured: Campbell with her little sister Charlotte).

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