Since Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have fallen short on marketing promos for the upcoming Wonder Woman blockbuster, the team at CineFix has put together their very own DIY Wonder Woman trailer.

“The Sword of Athena made out of cardboard? The Lasso of Truth is Christmas lights? This must be Homemade Wonder Woman. In this DIY, shot-for-shot remake of the Wonder Woman trailer, our hero uses her super powers to smash through cardboard windows, slash plastic container towers, and summon 2D lighting!”

Leeron Amiel
Andrew Nowak
Stefanie Galler
Maddie Estrada
Andreas Trolf

Directed by Benjamin Martin
Art Department: Mark Johnson
Bianca Lemaire
Music/Sound: Mike Wendland,  Beer City Studios
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean, Dust Films

You can check out the side-by-side comparison to the original here:

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