There has always been a lot of controversy surrounding how women are portrayed in comic books, where boobs and brawn seem to usually go hand-in-hand. Female characters have traditionally taken a back seat to their male protagonists in their occupations, attitude, body shape and revealing wardrobe. But times they are a changin’! My So-Called Secret Identity, a new innovative online comic book, breaks the mold by showing how female representation in comic books can be done differently or let’s just say, better.

My So-Called Secret Identity is created and written by Will Brooker, an internationally-acclaimed Batman scholar, popular culture expert and comic book aficionado who got sick and tired of all the comics “featuring women as pin-ups.” He partnered with an almost all female creative team, lead by graphic artists Suze Shore and Sarah Zaidan, to tell the story of Cat Daniels, a woman whose mind is developed more than her body, giving us a female superhero we can finally look up to.

Cat Daniels

So who is Cat Daniels? She’s an average, Irish-American girl in her early 20’s, the daughter of a police officer, resident of Gloria City, and studying for her Ph.D. She’s been taught all her life to avoid attention, keep to herself and most of all, “don’t let people know how smart you are, because they don’t like it”. That’s because Cat is someone special; she possesses a superpower, but it doesn’t come with a corset or bodysuit… Cat is remarkably smart. She claims she’s ordinary, but clearly she’s extraordinary.

Cat is the smartest person in Gloria City. She remembers everything she reads; she knows how everything connects. And she’s getting tired of pretending, of hiding, of acting dumb to save other people’s feelings. And if they won’t take her seriously as Catherine Abigail Daniels, then…

Well, we don’t want to spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to check it out!

Issue 1 of My So-Called Secret Identity was launched last month and is currently available to read for free on the comic’s website. Plans for and e-reader and print edition are in the pipeline. The comic runs on a donation-only basis, all funds collected above and beyond the book’s operating costs are donated to a women’s charity organization supporting at-risk women and young adults.

The first pages of Issue 2 will be released on March 31st.