Toni Morrison’s Beloved is considered to be one of greatest and most important American novels of the past few decades. It won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was ranked by a New York Times survey as “the nation’s best work of fiction of the past years.”

The book, which was first released in 1987, has inspired a new beautifully illustrated edition published by The Folio Society, which includes an introduction by author Russell Banks and illustrations by award-winning artist Joe Morse.

According to a press release,“Morrison approved all of the images featured in the book and specifically requested that author Russell Banks introduce this edition. He writes earnestly of how Beloved has the power to transform the reader because it ‘lets one know how it feels to be an American and, yes, black and female, and ultimately how, at the deepest and most inclusive level, it feels to be human.'”

This special edition book is bound in cloth, blocked with a design by the artist, and features 9 full-page color illustrations.

Here’s a sneak peek at the stunning and powerful images: