Women You Should Know® (WYSK®) is a leading editorial platform with a highly engaged audience, and a dynamic social network. Together they give rise to a diverse community that thrives on the power of supporting women and their ideas to change the world.

Our mission is impact-rich and inclusive. We shine a spotlight on women and girls who are striving, building, and innovating, changing the status quo, crushing stereotypes, and defying the odds. We also cover topics, news and issues that matter to women and girls.

Through our content, events, programs, and partnerships we:

  • Tell stories and amplify voices.
  • Inspire and inform.
  • Drive important conversations.
  • Mentor and make real-life connections.
  • Ensure that the triumphs and struggles of women and girls have a powerful platform.

In December 2019, our founder Jen Jones was named a 2019 winner of the Mastercard ‘Her Ideas – Start Something Priceless’ campaign.

Origin Story

After a decade of building an award-winning NYC-based PR agency (est. 2001), entrepreneurs Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig (watch the founders’ video) recognized a big void in the media landscape, and realized there was socially necessary, empowering work they could be doing with their skills and experience to fill it.

They set out to give women and girls the coverage, content, visibility and support they deserve through a pioneering social enterprise that has since grown to encompass three integrated sister brands:

Women You Should Know® (WYSK®)
– editorial platform, launched 2011

Women You Should Fund® (WYSF®)
– crowdfunding platform, launched 2017

(EM)POWER® Laces
– product collection, launched 2018