On March 27th, poet and activist Mona Haydar released ‘Hijabi’, her first single and music video, in honor of Muslim Women’s Day. Mona created the video to challenge perceptions surrounding Islam.

In a post on Facebook she shared, “This song is from my upcoming EP titled One. I’m excited about all the songs that we’re going to share but I’m ESPECIALLY excited for this song to debut given everything we’ve been seeing happen domestically and internationally demonizing Muslims. This song is a PARTY and I know you all will like it cuz we made it for YOU!”

This isn’t the first time Mona has stood up against Islamophobia. In 2015, following the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernadino, Mona and her husband Sebastian set up an “Ask a Muslim” display outside a Cambridge, Massachusetts library to talk to people who had questions about Islam. Through her work, Mona’s mission is to “call attention to shifts that need to happen and challenge perceptions and ideas that don’t serve us. We’re working to build the more beautiful world we all know is possible — one that is full of kindness and compassion.”


What that hair look like
Bet that hair look nice
Don’t that make you sweat?
Don’t that feel too tight?
Yo what yo hair look like
Bet yo hair look nice
How long your hair is
You need to get yo life
You only see Oriental
You steady working that dental
You poppin off at the lip
And run ya mouth like a treadmill
Not your exotic vacation
I’m bored with your fascination
I need that PayPal, PayPal, PayPal
If you want education

All around the world
Love women every shading
be so liberated
All around the world
Love women every shading
power run deep
So even if you hate it
I still wrap my hijab
Wrap my hijab
Wrap my hijab
Wrap, wrap my hijab

Keep swaggin my hijabis
Swag-Swaggin my hijabis
Swaggin my hijabis
Swag-swaggin my hijabis

Verse 2
Me and my hijabi ladies
We was born in the eighties
So pretty like the euphrates
and party like some kuwaitis
Deeper than some diplomas
Current like some hot yoga
Takin back the misnomers and
Teleportin through trauma
Teleportin through trauma
Teleportin through trauma
I been stackin my karma
Nefertiti, no drama
Make a feminist planet
Women haters get banished
Covered up or not don’t ever take us for granted


You’re just jealous of my sisters
These Mipsters, These hippies
These Prissies, These Sufis
These Dreddies, These Sunnis
These Shii’s, Yemenis
Somalis, Libnanis, Pakistanis
These Soories, Sudanis
Iraqis, Punjabies
Afghanis, Yazeedis
Khaleejis, Indonesians
Egyptians, Canadians
Algerians, Nigerians
Americans, Libyans
Tunisians, Palestinians
Hidden beyond the Mekong in laos
Senegalese and Burkina faso


Song Producer: Tunde Olaniran – Video Director: Tunde Olaniran – Dancers: Al Taw’am – The Twins – Directors of Photography: Natasha Beste Gold House Media – Video Locations: Arab American National Museum & Assemble Sound