By Nicole D’Aloisio  – We don’t see it on the news headlines– “College Girl Raped By Too Many Vodkas On The Rocks.” Tequila does not touch others unlawfully and inappropriately. Beer does not invade another individual’s right to privacy. Gin does not cause sexual assaults. Rum won’t change a person’s true values. You are not how much whisky you drink. You are not how much brandy you chug. Shots do not force one’s thrust against another blacked out body. Alcohol does not rape people. People rape people.

I’m ready to fight against what many people, judges and even universities are so confidently claiming– holding alcohol accountable for sexual assaults in our society today. I’m sorry… what? Why is the focus on the drinks we consume and not the monsters who commit these heinous crimes? Why is little punishment on the wrongdoer and major crack down on the alcohol appearing to be the appropriate solution?

Alcohol does not rape people. People rape people.

It was Brock Turner of Stanford University, not alcohol, that took advantage of an unconscious female one winter night. It was Brock Turner, not alcohol, who negatively changed his victim’s life forever. Alcohol does not rape people. People like Brock Turner rape people.

It was David Becker from a Massachusetts high school, not alcohol, who violated not just one, but two classmates. It was David Becker, not alcohol who committed the crime, and deserves to serve the appropriate time. Yet they won’t even list his name on the sex offender registry. Alcohol does not rape people. People like David Becker rape people.

It was John Enochs from Indiana University, not alcohol, that began having sex with a passed out, intoxicated woman. Alcohol does not rape people. People like John Enochs rape people.

It was Christian A. Lopez and Nakeem D. Gardner, NOT alcohol, who raped a Ramapo College freshman who had way too much to drink at a fraternity party. It was their actions and the additional bystanders’ lack of morals that raped her. Alcohol does not rape people. People like Christian A. Lopez and Nakeem D. Gardner rape people.

Yet it was alcohol banned from all Stanford University campus parties. While Brock Turner was convicted of a light sentence of six months in jail. David Becker received no jail time, just two years of probation, similar to John Enochs “punishment.” It was alcohol that was blamed for these college sexual assaults– not the men who performed the inappropriate penetrating. Brock Turner had the audacity to justify his actions by blaming his college’s “party culture.” His father had further impudence to vouch that Brock’s “mistakes” were only a result of too much drinking.

President Mercer of Ramapo College had the nerve to accuse alcohol for the attacks on his campus, my campus that I am so utterly frustrated to be a part of lately. You can take away Ramapo’s, Stanford’s, whoever the hell’s parties you want, but it won’t eliminate the sick people in this world. We need to focus more on reprimanding the rapists accordingly, not their choice of liquor at a college-get-together.

This modern-day prohibition, and these sad excuses for court sentences are only opening the door to more sexual assaults. When will more of society open their eyes to see that alcohol does not rape people? People rape people– people who are hardly being disciplined for ruining all of these lives.

About the author

nicoledaloisioNicole D’Aloisio is a 21-year-old student with big hopes and dreams. She aspires to travel the world while crossing off every number on her intricate bucketlist. Nicole attends Ramapo College of New Jersey where she studies social work. She plans on incorporating her writing talent into her career. For now, she spends her days blogging, babysitting, and making the most of life with family and friends. You can read more of Nicole’s pieces on Odyssey and her blog – The Happiest of The Unhappy.

This article first appeared on Odyssey and is republished here with express permission from the author. Lead image: via Chris Becker/Flickr under Creative Commons.