Meet Alexandra Taylor, a NYC-based fashion designer whose goal is to blend inspiring fashion with philanthropy. In addition to her women’s ready-to-wear collections, she designs women’s and men’s accessories. The most recent addition to her accessories offerings is a fashionable line of fundraising scarves and ties sold under the “A.T. for the Nothing But Nets Campaign collection” name. Produced and manufactured in the USA, these original printed scarves and ties support the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets Campaign, a global grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa.

A child dies from malaria every 45 seconds, but malaria is preventable. Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets are the most cost effective way to prevent malaria. It only costs $10 to purchase an insecticide treated net to send to developing nations throughout the world and save a life. With the sale of each accessory from the “A.T. for the Nothing But Nets Campaign collection”, Alexandra donates $10 from her net profits to the Nothing But Nets Campaign. That means with each scarf or tie sold, the customer will be, in essence, sending a net and saving a life. We love when fashion makes you look good and feel good too!

Alexandra Taylor ScarfInterestingly, Alexandra originally came up with the idea of raising awareness about the malaria epidemic through fashion while working on her senior thesis at Parsons School of Design. Her project was centered on incorporating the issue of malaria and the beauty of a bed net into her fashion collection: bed net textures on blazers, soft netting material on blouses, mosquito patterns on silk belts, and more. That school project evolved into a tangible and truly inspiring philanthropic fashion effort.

We want to thank WYSK reader Laura for letting us know about her friend, colleague and Woman You Should Know, Alexandra Taylor.