In this latest, mind-numbing episode of “The Educator Body Police: Target… Young Women”, someone at a high school in Arizona apparently thought it was a good idea to communicate the importance of following dress code policy using this outrageously sexist sign. Not only does it blame the “pretty cute” outfit choices girls make today on their male classmates’ “lousy grades” and subsequent future “under employment” and eventual reliance on women for financial support, it depicts the boys as one-track minded, chops-licking animals who only see their “distracting” female classmates as “meat”. When senior Alissa Adams saw this hanging in her school’s library she spoke up and took action… and she is our WYSKy hero!

Using the power of her pen, Alissa expressed her outrage by writing ‘It’s the girl’s fault right? #feminism’ at the bottom of the sign. She also asked the school librarian to take it down, but was “blown off”. Alissa told abc15 Arizona, the local news station that initially covered the story, “She actually folded over the section I wrote and stapled it down.”

Alissa then took to Twitter and posted the following. By the end of the day, she had rallied most of her classmates to take their concerns to school administrators…

A spokesperson for Desert Ridge High School told abc15 the sign was taken down as soon as administrators were alerted. “They said it was poor judgment to hang it and the principal has spoken to the librarian though no one knows who actually made the poster.”

As for this young woman’s decision to use her voice to speak out against this egregious wrong, Alissa shared on her Twitter, “I knew what I was getting into the minute I decided to do the interview. The hate hurts but I’ll keep going strong.” And while she says that she’s been on the receiving end of many unkind words (in true social media form), she added, “the many, many encouraging words are what keep me going.”

Well, Alissa, please take this as our GIANT expression of encouragement! Brava girl!