American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff, the real life Wonder Woman that made Ninja history last summer, is crushing the grueling course again. Last night she became the first woman to conquer Stage 2 at the USA vs. The World competition.

Jessie, a professional stunt woman (Supergirl) and black belt, has made history a number of times on American Ninja Warrior. She was the first woman to complete the grueling LA qualifying course, the first woman to successfully tackle the famed Warped Wall and Wedge, and the first woman to complete Stage 1 in the 2016 national finals.

Getting to Stage 2 in the USA vs. The World competition was no easy feat, in fact, Jessie fell early on Stage 1, and so she wasn’t guaranteed a spot for Stage 2. In a Facebook post, Jessie shared, “I was so honored to be competing with such amazing athletes from all over the world, and was crushed when I fell so early on stage 1. It felt like I’d not only let down my team and my country, but my entire gender! I had the chance show that women really can compete with the men in this international competition, and I fell, and was out for the night.”

But Team USA captain Drew Drechsel gave up his spot so Jessie could continue on and make history, again.

If you are looking for something uplifting to watch, this is it! Go Jessie Go!