Nearly 1 billion women live on less than $1 per day. But what if simply “liking” great shoes could help empower these women and change their world? In honor of Women’s History Month, Tieks, the unfold-and-go ballet flats brand founded by the Gavrieli siblings (Dikla, along with her brothers Kfir and Elram), is making it that easy to help other women in need. During March, the brand’s Gavrieli Foundation is sending $1 to a woman living in poverty for each new “Like” of the Tieks by Gavrieli Facebook page. We not only “Like” this idea, we LOVE it.

Aside from the brand’s commitment to empowering women and admirable altruism, you may be wondering what’s to like about Tieks anyway. How “reinvented” can a ballet flat really be? Completely… when you’re a brand determined to create “the best ballet flats in the world”. Leaving no stone unturned in their master plan, Tieks delivers on design, durability, comfort, portability and style.

First things first, you have to know how to say the name Tieks… it’s pronounced “T?ks” (think long eeeee). Their signature blue soled flats are the chic wrap-your-tootsies-in-foot-saving-comfort answer to the toe cramping, arch destroying, gorgeous red soled heels (and the like) so many of us love to kick-ass in.

Trust us… if you’re opting to wear sky high shoes that hurt so good, you will not want to take another step in them without a pair of Tieks stashed close by. And stash you can because Tieks are totally portable, designed to fold and fit in a purse or whatever type of carryall you choose to lug your daily essentials around in.

Tieks signature blue heel strip and blue sole patchesWith their signature Tieks Blue stripe on the heel and Tieks Blue rubber patches on the soles, it takes 3 days and over 150 steps to put together a single pair from start to finish. Each pair is hand stitched and made from 100% premium, soft, top-grain Italian leather. See… we are so not talking about your run of the mill ballet flat here.

Available in print, patent and classic leathers as well as vegan options, their chic style is matched only by their built in comfort. The back of the flat is cushioned rather than elasticized, so it won’t chew or choke your heel. And no matter how hard you pound the pavement, the super cushy instep and heel pad will keep your soles happy all day, every day.

To complete the package, each pair of Tieks comes with a compression pouch to keep them folded nice and tight when they’re not on your feet AND a reusable tote for the heels you kick-off when you’re ready to slip into utter foot love.

There is much to like about Tieks, so why not give them a Facebook “Like” and help empower another woman in the process. While none of us can walk in any other woman’s shoes, we can certainly do our part to ensure her path is a little less challenging.

About Tieks Gavrieli Foundation

Blue Prints To Change The WorldThe Gavrieli Foundation is an organization that is deeply committed to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in developing countries around the globe as a means for social change. Through Kiva, the Foundation sends money to these women in the hopes of creating opportunity and alleviating poverty. They believe empowering women is a requisite in the broader fight against global poverty and hope their contribution has a profound impact on the lives of these women and their families. To date the Foundation has committed $477,875.00.

Learn more about the Gavrieli Foundation and the women it helps here.