Maura Collins is bullied every single day. But not by other students, Maura has “a bully in her mind”. That’s how this seventh grader equates living with anxiety and the daily pressure she puts on herself to be better and do better.

For her recent school Genius Fair, Maura decided to create this animation about her battle with anxiety as a way to share with others what it’s like for her and so many other kids just like her.

“I am telling you this because I want the people who have anxiety to know that they are not alone,” Maura says in the video. “I want them to remember that one day they will climb out of that hole.”

The animated video was posted by Maura’s mother Cary Colllins on Facebook sharing, “It is so moving and she is so proud of this as she spent countless hours on this project that I had to share. If you have a couple minutes please watch with volume as Maura is the narrator. Definitely touches on what a teen feels with anxiety. So very proud of her!!”

If you, or someone you know, is suffering with anxiety or depression consider contacting the Anxiety and Depression Association of America for information and resources.