Shixie (Xiangjun) Shi is an animator, documentary filmmaker, and world traveler who also happens to have a degree in physics. Having lived in China, Russia, United Kingdom, and now in the U.S., Shixie wants to use her work to break down communication barriers between people, across cultures and academic fields. This wonderful animated short is a perfect blend of her love and passion for science and art.

shixieShe explains “When I left home (China) for college in the U.S., I was fortunate to be selected for the very first class of a new Dual Degree program, presented by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. Without predecessors, and in trusting embrace of Brown’s open curriculum, I was pretty much able to design my own education. While it may be too early to discuss the effect of that autonomy, in the past five years in this program, I have had chance to focus on a consistent pursuit – to bridge the arts and science. This animation, a year long effort, is an attempt to reflect on this ever-intriguing subject.”

Shixie is currently an animator at Slanted Studios in Brooklyn, NY.