It seems we have some competition when it comes to being the biggest fans of “Don’t Hush, Darling”, our favorite anti-lullaby from our favorite frontwoman, Karla Kane of The Corner Laughers. With its blend of empowering lyrics, emotive music and Karla’s bewitching voice, we declared the song “hauntingly beautiful” in 2016. We then celebrated it again, the following year, when Karla released a new version set to a women-powered music video. Now, Key of Q, “a small, friendly group of LGBTQ and allied a cappella singers,” has honored Karla’s work in the most beautiful way… press the red button to listen.

Don’t hush, darling, go ahead and cry.
Like those starlings, fill up the sky.
Don’t be afraid to take up space,
You should be seen.
And don’t choose princess, when you should be the Queen.

What You Should Know About Karla Kane

Karla Kane is best known as the lead singer, songwriter, ukulele player for California band The Corner Laughers. They have released four albums, plus two more with the side project Agony Aunts. Kane has performed alongside members of Fountains of Wayne and The Soft Boys, Martin Newell, Hungrytown, and Allen Clapp (The Orange Peels). Her music has been featured in retail stores including Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle and played on the BBC, CBC and radio stations throughout the U.S.. Kane has received multiple awards including Twirl Radio’s Twirly Award for album of the year 2009/10 and runners-up in 2012 and 2015, and best album of the year (2015) in Discussions Magazine and Goldmine Magazine.

Karla Kane

What You Should Know About Key Of Q

Based in Kingston, NY, Key of Q is “an auditioned 30-member group of LGBTQ and allied singers who travel from all corners of the Hudson Valley” to blend their voices and perform beautiful a cappella music together. They focus on “mostly-modern secular music in four-part harmony.” Common themes within their music include “equality, love and celebration of identity in its many forms.” Lead photo via Key of Q Facebook page.