By Rachel Brathen – I believe we should all live our lives in a way that’s true to who we are.

For me, that means sharing what comes natural to me in the moment. Yoga and wine and beaches and airports and dogs and rants. It’s my life and it’s my responsibility to live a life of love, in whatever ways ring true to me. Today I went surfing and my friend snapped what I thought was a beautiful shot of me getting into the water, so I shared it. There is no filter here. No make-up. No wardrobe. No edits. Just me, my surfboard and the beach.


Enter judgment.

I’ve said it before – what other people think of me is none of my business. I’ll always get the occasional sexist/judgmental comment from sleazy dudes trolling the internet and I truly couldn’t care less. What bugs me however is body shaming comments from women. Did you read the comments on my last post? Every single negative one came from women. Apparently, my butt is the issue. Don’t we have enough issues in the world?

By saying I should be ashamed of my body and never post a photo of myself on the beach like that, you’re telling men across the world that yes, the female body is an object and yes, it’s the only thing that matters here. Not the soul or the heart or the beach or the sunshine or catching waves or living freely but the butt, oh god, the butt! Sexism and body shaming happens only when you invite it into society… and all you judgmental women out there? You just did.

You say I should never share a photo that shows my backside because it means I’m hypocritical. I’m not genuine. Excuse me while I ask—but are you all talking out of your asses?

Know this: if I had this beautiful picture and I chose not to post it because it’s “cheeky”—that would be hypocritical. That would be the opposite of genuine. That would be me changing the way I portray myself from fear of being judged. It would be me not loving my body. It would be me not staying true to my values.

To each their mother f*cking own. It’s just a butt. If it’s genuine to you, flaunt what you’ve got! If it’s not, please don’t. What matters is that you feel good. That you are happy. That you stay true.

Peace and love, ya’ll. I’m taking my butt to bed.

Images © Ben Kane Photo. Republished here with permission.

About the contributor

Rachel Brathen-headshotRachel is a yogi on a world tour. Born and raised in Sweden, she currently resides in the beautiful island of Aruba where teaches yoga at a resort in the mornings, coordinating retreats at noon, taking her three somewhat crazy dogs to the beach to keep up with the surf in the afternoon and trying to survive as a vegan (where no vegetables grow!) in the evenings. She firmly believes that life is not black or white – it’s black and white and blue and yellow with rays of pink and sparkle in between. You can teach yoga and still be a party animal. Meditate and ignore your spending problems. Be vegan and eat too much chocolate. Have a Swedish passport and live in the Caribbean. You can do anything, as long as it’s you! You can find Rachel on the beach, on Facebook or her website.