Whether you’ve got what it takes to “Beat Bobby Flay” or if your culinary skills max out at boiling water, we found one of the coolest, most fun inducing kitchen gadgets for cooks of all levels. The Flower Power Steam Releaser is a cheerful (and easy) way to keep the lid of a hot pot open so steam can vent in a cool way.

pot_lid_flower2Here’s how it works: just place the Flower Power on the edge of the pot and rest the lid on it. As the steam releases, the flower will spin. See… we said it was really fun!

Flower Power comes from the creative geniuses at OTOTO, a brand that makes functional household products with a humoristic/ironic/unexpected twist. Their name in Hebrew means, “any minute now”, with the understanding that something new and exciting can happen at any given moment.

So in the spirit of all things new and exciting, here are three of our other favorite OTOTO designs.



A functional holder for soaps, sponges and scrubbers. Good, clean fun. Get it here.

Pistachio Serving Bowl


Stephen Colbert… this one’s for you. It’s a playful and practical solution for serving nuts and olives. Split the pistachio in two by taking the top off and presto… you’ve got one bowl for serving and an empty bowl for discarded pits and shells. Get it here.

Bunny Pop Popsicle Makers


Just fill the popsicle molds with your favorite juice, wait until they freeze and Abracadabra! Get it here.