We certainly are, as unapologetically strong women are what we are all about at Women You Should Know®… we celebrate them every day and share their stories to inspire. That’s why we love Degree Women® deodorant’s new “Unapologetically Strong” campaign and contest, which they’re hosting with renowned sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews, a woman who tests limits and pushes boundaries every day. Women empowering women… it’s oh so WYSKy.

The new campaign is based on the premise that being “Unapologetically Strong” is not measured by the number of times you win or the number of people you beat, it is about having the will and the desire to go the extra mile. It’s like a challenge to step out of your comfort zone to strive to be the very best you in all aspects of your life.

As Erin, the role model of the campaign, explained, “I am always pushing myself to deliver under pressure. From researching stories and interviewing coaches to making sure I get my workouts in, I am constantly taking things to the next level in both my career and personal life”.

Erin Andrews_ Degree Unapologetically StrongTo kick-off the campaign and contest, Erin shared her “Unapologetically Strong” story on the Degree Women® Facebook page earlier this month and continues to encourage others to accomplish their own personal triumphs. Fans who visit the page can check out her advice, tips and daily inspiration.

Here’s the really fun part… from September 12 through September 26, fans can share their “Unapologetically Strong” stories and goals online to enter for a chance to win support from Degree Women® on their own personal “Unapologetically Strong” journey. It can be anything from beating your own personal record, striving to run faster, workout longer, or going above and beyond your regular routine. There are all sorts of giveaways you can win to help you on your “Unapologetically Strong” journey and one lucky woman will win the grand prize of $5,000 to spend on coaching and equipment to achieve her goal.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. What do you have to gain? Being “Unapologetically Strong”.

For more information on Degree Women® and the “Unapologetically Strong” challenge, visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.