Hungarian artist Sarolta Bán is on a mission to change the perception of and promote shelter animals in need of new homes with her project, Help Dogs with Images.

Sarolta is encouraging people from around the world to upload images of homeless pets to her Facebook page. She then uses digital photo manipulation techniques to transform the original photos into magical portraits.

“Abandoned dogs sadly have really few chances to appear in a photo that will help them get out of the shelter, one photo that stands out from the crowd, and speaks to a person. This can bring extra visibility and maybe help to give bigger impact,” Sarolta explains. Images will be accepted until April 14th.

Originally a jewelry designer, Sarolta discovered digital photo manipulation, which became her new passion and the main focus of her work. “I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. I hope that the meanings of my pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect.

The photos speak for themselves!






All images © Sarolta Bán 2014