Lora Zombie, a 23-year old a self-taught painter from Russia, has been amassing a following of fans online over the past few years for her signature “grunge art”, a blend of street art with a grunge influence.

Having started drawing as a very young child, Lora believes that she was “born an artist” and has never tried to be or do anything else. Her commentary on pop culture combined with a raw approach and unique eye has made Lora a top seller on the urban art scene.

Lora creates her paintings using ink and watercolor, with “childlike but sometimes cruel” images that achieve a juxtaposition of beauty with a harsh reality. “Color, I use a lot of bright, fluorescent colors in my work. Art isn’t only about the message, it also should be beautiful,” she shares in an interview with Eyes on Walls, a publisher of edgy and inspiring art from popular urban culture.

Recently, Lora has been breaking into the gallery scene with exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, Chicago and Russia, gaining the interest of notable collectors and fans worldwide.

You can find Lora’s work at Eyes on Walls, where there is a selection of affordable prints, books and t-shirts. Her incredible talent is evident in the diverse work found in her portfolio.

Lora is a prolific artist and creates her pieces at an unusually fast speed. This recent time lapse video shows the creation of a new work called Coffee and Milk.

You can follow Lora on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.