In June, we introduced you to “accidental” coffee artist, Maria A. Aristidou (YES… she paints masterfully using nothing but brewed coffee). Wanting to expand her gastronomically-inspired, creative arsenal, Maria just started working in a new medium – edible paint – which she uses to recreate some of the world’s most famous art masterpieces on… real cake.

Maria’s Art On Cakes project is part of a collaboration with Vienna Boutique, an artisan cake, chocolate and confection shop in Larnaca, Cyprus. The cakes themselves are all made with the shop’s famous chocolate recipe, and then they are covered in fondant (a thick, flexible paste made of sugar and water), which provides the smooth “canvas” on which Maria unleashes her incredible talent. Depending on the size and design, each edible cake painting takes her roughly 6-10 hours to complete.

To date, Maria has already recreated a number of works from greats like Van Gogh, Munch, Dali, and Picasso, which you can see below. But, just yesterday, she posted on her Facebook page, “New designs on the way so stay tuned!”

Our fingers are collectively crossed that she has a Frida Kahlo or a Georgia O’Keeffe on her short list.

Watch Maria In Action…

This is a time-lapse of her working on her latest Art On Cakes masterpiece… Van Gogh’s famed “Sunflowers”. Amazing!

Lead image via Maria Aristidou’s Instagram