Inspired by a recent NY Times poll – “Because I was a girl, I was told…” – that asked women readers to share “their own vividly recalled gender barriers”, we turned to own community to take this important discussion one step further. We asked, “How did you defy, soar, innovate, and achieve, despite being told you could not/should not do something because you were a girl/are a woman?”

In what felt like a tidal wave of inspiration, the responses and stories came pouring in over the weekend to our Facebook page. Some answered our question specifically, while others detailed the gender biased doubt, lack of support, and/or outright sexism they’ve experienced, personally and professionally over the course of their lives. We are grateful to everyone who participated, and thank each of them for inspiring us.

You can see all of the comments, stories and anecdotes shared to our original Facebook post here, but below are 12 that made our editorial team let out a particularly loud, “Hell yeah she did!”

lisa gallo gender bias

kyla palmer gender bias

anita sanford gender bias

tanni k gender bias