Beginning this September, retail giant Walmart is going to make it easier for shoppers to spot products from women owned brands, everything from lingerie to salsa. The indicator logo will be a small, circular symbol currently in the works by two nonprofits in conjunction with the retail giant.

To qualify to have the special logo featured on their product, women-owned businesses will have to go through a certification process led by Women’s Enterprise National Council and WEConnect International. Essentially, they have to show that 51 percent of their business is owned, operated and controlled by a woman or group of women.

In 2011, Walmart pledged to source $20 billion of goods from women-owned businesses in the U.S. over the next five years. The company also unveiled a robust women’s empowerment training program initiative.

How very WYSKy of them! Maybe they were inspired by our 2013 Holiday Marketplace, which showcased items from women-led brands.

Walmart research has shown that 90 percent of female shoppers, who make 80 percent of purchasing decisions, are more apt to seek out and buy products produced by other women. With this new program in place, we bet they’re hoping their research is sound.

Lead image: newfangled version of Rosie the Riveter (with a dash of Wonder Woman) by animator Catherine Satrun. She has no association with Walmart or this story… this is just an image we love to represent hardworking women.