So you’re invited to an all-women screening of Wonder Woman. The credits roll and you’re feeling inspired, fired-up, and ready to take on the world, Amazon-style. Then, on your way out of the theater, you’re handed a thank-you-for-watching-this-empowering-movie-with-us goody bag. Awesome, right? Nope… not if it’s the bag women received from the Kinepolis cinema in Leuven, Belgium last week.

As reported by NOS, the largest news organization in the Netherlands, “After a special screening exclusively for women, bags were distributed containing include cleaning sponges and a plastic squeegee. There was also a bag of nacho chips, noodles and some advertising leaflets for diet pills in the bag.”

Diana Goodwin, a screening goer/bag recipient who’s from the U.S. and lives in Belgium (and just so happens to share a first name with the warrior Princess of Themyscira, herself), posted to her Facebook page

diana goodwin wonder woman tweet

This is a truly mind-boggling sponsorship/marketing fail. Makes us ‘wonder’ how many hands this idea passed through, yet still got approved.

Oh, and just to add insult to goody bag injury, the photo that Diana shared on her personal page went viral, but with no credit given to her as the source of the image. Does this sh*t ever end? (sigh)