Rachel Ignotofsky is a graphic designer and illustrator working at Hallmark Greetings by day and as a freelance illustrator by night. In her most recent series, Women In Science, Rachel pays homage to great women scientists Valentina Tereshkova (lead image), Rosalind Franklin, Patricia Bath, Jane Goodall, and Marie Curie.

“I wanted to celebrate the accomplishments of these women and hope to inspire curiosity in young women to ask questions about the world we live in and be the one who finds out the answers,” says Rachel.

Much of Rachel’s beautiful work is inspired by her passion for science. In an interview with Scientific American Rachel explains her predilection for the sciences, “Biology and human anatomy were always my favorite subjects in school, I think there is real beauty in seeing the mechanics behind how the world works. I want to take that information and make it accessible and fun to learn.”

If you love the Women In Science series, you must also check out Rachel’s other science inspired illustrations, Lab Equipment, Anatomy & Botany and Body Systems, all of which can be purchased at her Etsy shop.





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