On my 40th birthday in 2012, my Dad asked me to do him a favor… to live my life freely, sans internet dating or trying to “conform to society’s belief that, at this age, I should be married with kids”. He encouraged me to close out all dating websites and quench the thirst in my gypsy soul… to go… to travel and LIVE my life rather than “trying to find a man to give me a life”.

Yes, my Dad said this. I listened, and closed out every account.

He encouraged me to… LIVE my life rather than “trying to find a man to give me a life”.

Three weeks later, I received an email in my LinkdIn account from a guy I used to correspond with on OKCupid. He said, “You left the site so quickly. I’m not stalking you, but there are only so many OCPS Teachers named Dorina. So I found you on Linkdin and decided to say hi and ask if you want to get a drink sometime?”

Giving an ‘E” for effort, I waited a week and then responded, “Sure.” He received my email while on a date. He looked at his phone, then at the woman across from him at the restaurant and said, “I’m sorry. I have to end this date.” She asked “Why?” He said, “Because I’ve been waiting for this email my whole life.”

A week later, Dez and I met for a Guinness at a local bar. Can’t believe we’ve been together two years already.

At the risk of sounding condescending, anyone single out there who doesn’t want to be… take my Dad’s advice… because even WITH Dez, I still do.

Dorina Sackman, 2014 Florida Teacher of the Year and Woman You Should Know