While money doesn’t grow on trees, babies are now being grown on trees all over the world. Well, not ACTUAL babies, but cute-as-a-button, baby shaped pears that are being birthed – err grown – thanks to China based Fruit Mould.

When the company’s specialty molds are placed around a budding bundle of deliciousness during the fruit’s early stages of maturation, you end up with a full grown pear that bears a striking resemblance to an infant… a human one!

“With the help of our molds, your fruits and vegetables will never be the same again.”

Fruit Mould specializes in creating one of a kind, high quality fruit and vegetable molds to transform regular fruits into wacky and weird shapes that you’ve likely never seen before. So their baby shaped pears are the newest addition to their family of heart and square shaped watermelons, star and heart shaped cucumbers, and more.

Pear baby Mold

The company sells their unusual harvest at local markets in China, but also sells and ships its fruit molds worldwide, so consumers and farmers can grow fantastical fruit in every corner of the globe.

Pear Baby

We’re not sure how appetizing it would be to take a bite out of one of these, but if you’ve got a green thumb, what an adorable fruit tree to have in your yard… easily the cutest on your block.

They’d also make for great baby shower centerpieces or favors… just saying.

Fruit Mould's Buddha Pear Mold in action

Fruit Mould’s Buddha Pear Mold in action

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