At age 31, Michelle Hands is an accomplished Site Engineer with “a pretty amazing” life that, thus far, has exceeded “all expectations” – her expectations. But like the unfortunate right of passage it is, she’s reached that special (sarcasm) point in her journey through womanhood when other people have started paying way more attention to her uterus than she cares to, herself. Their misdirected expectations and assumptions inspired Michelle to make this video about “the pressures felt by women to have a baby.” She describes it as “a funny, lighthearted short with a serious message squeezed in” that she made for “any women who can relate.”

Oh, we can relate Michelle… we can SO relate!

This video was shot and edited entirely by Michelle. To see and read more of her work, check out her blog – This Is A Man’s World. It’s where she shares written and video posts about real conversations and events from her own first-hand experience working in a still largely male-dominate field, which, she says, “quite frankly, you couldn’t make up.”