At last weekend’s WonderCon 2016 in LA, sisters Kayla (age 4) and Zoe (age 8) completely stole the show as they rocked the most jaw-droppingly amazing cosplay costumes created by their parents William and Nikki Miyamoto. We did not think BB-8 could be any more adorable, but Kayla took the spherical droid to a whole nother level of cute, while Zoe delivered a convincingly fierce Queen from the Alien film franchise.

The sisters’ big moment was caught on film by Red Planet and when Kayla unexpectedly pops her little head out of BB-8’s body it’s just too much to handle. Then Zoe enters the scene as a pint-sized Alien Queen and the two engage in a stare down of epic proportions, which gave awed onlookers ample time to take in just how incredible each of their handmade costumes were.

William crafted Kayla’s spot-on BB-8 costume using a 3D printer, an outdoor lighting globe (that had a hole in it, which Kayla just happened to fit into), some paint, a few LED lights, and fabric covered foam (for comfort). The markings on the outside are vinyl decals that were made by a family friend, and Nikki whipped up the glove just two hours before WonderCon “from an old t-shirt, cellophane wrap, and colored markers.”

The artistry of Zoe’s Alien Queen is all Nikki, who built the costume piece by piece. While she and her husband “are huge Predator and Alien fans,” she says that Zoe hasn’t really seen any of the movies (just the queen scenes from the second Alien movie), but does know the basics of the character. So the 7-year-old’s interest in wanting to be the Queen for this year’s WonderCon came from the action figures the family has around the house.

Creating their own elaborate cosplay suits is not only a family pastime for William and Nikki, it’s also their profession. The talented duo make unique, high quality “costumes, theatrical headwear, geek awesome purses and wear” for the public through their company Miyamoto Productions.