Meet ten year old Sarah Nelson, the CEO of Sarah Bugs Sweet Treats:

“I am 10 years old and I love baking and making special treats for my family and friends. I started a little business of my own making sweet treats. I donate 50% of the proceed to our local hospice –  A.R.C.H. That way I am helping someone else, but also earning some money for my college fund. I want to be a baker when I grow up. My family is helping me make this possible.”

With the help of her family, Sarah is taking orders for anything you can think of from chocolate covered pretzels, cakes, cookies, chocolate covered gummy candy, caramel apples, banana loaves, candy kabobs, chocolate covered marshmallows, and so on. If you can think it up, she’ll find a way to make it. The cost for these treats is by donation.

A truly special young WYSK in the making, with a generous heart!

You can check out her blog for updates.