Earlier this week, in honor of International Day of the Girl, Beyoncé released a new video for her Lemonade track, “Freedom”. The video features girls from around the world lip-syncing and dancing to the song, and includes statistics on global issues facing girls such as access to education, child marriage and the threat of violence.

The video, directed by MJ Delaney, was first released on Beyoncé’s Facebook page with the following post:

Today is #DayoftheGirl. Girls around the world are fighting for their freedom every day. Join me, Chime for Change, and The Global Goals by taking action for #FreedomForGirls now: www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl

The Global Goals and Chime for Change hope this video will serve as a reminder to leaders who signed the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, which promises to empower all girls, that their job is not yet done. “Every day girls around the world are fighting for their freedom. There has been progress but we need to keep up the pressure. If we work together we can make sure world leaders deliver and every girl grows up healthy, safe, empowered and able to fulfill her dream.This can’t wait – we need action now if we are to achieve the Global Goals and equality for all girls.”

Check out the video above, and learn more here.