Africa’s Ivory Coast is the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans… the main ingredient of chocolate. While Westerners and Europeans have the luxury of enjoying chocolate, the hardworking Ivory Coast farmers, which include child laborers, don’t. They grow and harvest the cocoa beans, and very often can’t make ends meet from the little money they earn doing so.

“Cocoa is a multi-billion dollar industry that divides the world into beggars and gluttons.”

Most don’t even know what happens to the cocoa beans once they are cultivated and dried. What’s more, they’ve never tasted the end-product of their backbreaking work.

So watch what happens when a group of small cocoa farmers taste chocolate for the very first time. It will make you appreciate chocolate on a whole different level.

PS – How does this relate back to women? 91% of us consume the “fruit” of these farmers’ labor.