This series of “Body Positivity” images were created and posted on Tumblr by Fortress-of-the-damned. The artist’s intention was to make a statement about the beauty and diversity of the female body and the power women hold to make their own choices when it comes to how we look.

The initial feedback received was mixed, but mostly supportive and agreeable. However, the artist also got a fair share of negative comments from readers who were offended by the use of color and the limited representations showcased. They also challenged the artist to reveal his/her gender. Fortress-of-the-damned responded to the critics, in a pretty terrific way.

I am male. If you’re asking me that because you want to determine whether or not my contribution to the feminist movement should be taken seriously, you should probably  go vent to a friend instead of talking to me because no matter what you say, you aren’t going to stop me from being a feminist.

16 out of the 16 women are nationally diverse. From Spanish to American, Native American to English, Greek, Irish, Hawaiian, Scottish to South African, Indian, German, Middle Eastern, to Chinese. They are all lovely women from all over the world with all different skin tones, facial features, body sizes, names and personalities.

For those who are still offended… That’s okay. You’re allowed to be. But I really hope you’ll think twice before you decide to yell at me for whatever it is you don’t like. That’s happened before already and all it does is hurt, every single time.

It isn’t always easy being a feminist, male or female, and although we agree there could be some minor adjustments to the drawings and captions, we love the sentiment and hope he will continue to dazzle us with his artistry.

For more responses on specific elements of the drawings, click here.

body positivity

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